When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you want high-quality Canadian hardwood cabinets that offer plenty of style at a price you can afford and you don't want to wait for them. While you might think that these cabinets are little more than a dream, they are a reality here at Maplevilles Canada. The fact that we are able to pull off this triple threat has made us a favorite in the Calgary area amongst homeowners, builders, contractors, interior designers, and retailers.
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Our shaker inset cabinets are widely prized for their sleek lines, flush-mounted surfaces, and tremendous adaptability. At Maplevilles Canada, we only sell top-quality shaker flush mount inset cabinets with Canadian hardwood frames and doors. We also offer a wide range of customization options, from cabinet sizes and types to custom colours and stains for unfinished cabinets, all done locally.

•    Shaker Flush Mount cabinetry offers simple, clean lines
•    The inset features of this cabinetry ensure that the cabinet doors lie within the frame rather than outside it
•     Flush mount style cabinets make one seamless, elegant line in your kitchen
•     With a flat panel and a lack of bevelling, these cabinets work with a wide variety of designs
•    Cabinets have no MDF fillers and are constructed from hardwood
•    All of our cabinets and drawers are equipped with soft-close hardware
•    Our drawers are Dove Tail assembled, not put together with screws or nails

In addition to the cabinets and finishes we offer, we also try to make the process of designing and installing your kitchen as easy as possible. We have a design team on-site, ready to help you create the ideal space for your home. We keep many colours and styles in stock, and also give you the option to custom order. Maplevilles Canada cabinets are made from 100% wood, never using any MDF.


A lot of cabinets that are made out of MDF board are found at large construction stores. This is why their cabinets are so inexpensive because the materials they are using are cheap. This is why you should always steer clear of big construction stores when buying cabinets.

A lot of smaller companies that sell cabinets say their cabinets are made with plywood. A lot of them are not lying – they do use plywood in their cabinets, but they leave out one big detail: the center layer of their panels is MDF board. That MDF board varies in size, but regardless of the thickness of this centerpiece of MDF board, it creates inherent problems.

One of the great features of plywood cabinets was that the cross-graining technique drastically improved the strength and resiliency of the board. Having an MDF core interrupts that cross-graining pattern, and completely compromises the strength, and integrity of the board. Also, remember that if any water gets into the MDF board, it expands and warps. When this happens with cabinets also made with plywood, it separates the MDF from the plywood layers, and in turn causes the layers of plywood to separate, creating more warping, and reducing the overall strength of the wood.

Plywood cabinets are the superior product in so many ways. It is resilient thanks to the strength it has due to the way it is assembled, and its lack of vulnerabilities that its MDF and particleboard counterparts have. At the end of the day, you want to be confident in the product that you choose. Plywood gives you that confidence and reassurance, from its sturdy construction, down to its feel that other products lack – the feeling of real wood.

While MDF can sometimes look like wood, it cannot match the quality that wood offers, and here at Maplevilles Canada, nothing is more important to us than the quality we offer. MDF furniture and cabinets are not high quality and they are not long-lasting, and that means that they are not for us. When you can have real Canadian hardwood, we see no reason to settle for a substitute.