Why Maplevilles?

Our Philosophy

The vision for Maplevilles was conceived from the vision that one-day, Alberta can be totally self-sufficient in sourcing its own building materials, as well as any other goods that can be sourced and produced in Alberta.

As we are a growing province, the need for sustainably sourced goods is becoming paramount to the evolution of our economy. This can mean, supporting small business, and investing in alternative and local infrastructure.

While this vision remains as the framework for the future of Maplesvilles, for now, our integral piece of the puzzle is to hone our mastery in our craftsmen ship, distinguish Maplesvilles for its support for Alberta industry, and for our engineering feats like our 6 ft by 10 foot cake that we built and designed for D-spot restaurant.

Our Committed Team

Maplevilles was founded on the understanding that solid work takes precision, expertise and time. Our dedicated staff is committed to delivering a high-quality customized product for the space you occupy.